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Outbound Links to Authority Sites Good For SEO?

Google’s John Mueller discusses the practice of linking out to authoritative sites for SEO purposes Roger Montti / October 5, 2021  Google’s John Mueller offered his feedback on the SEO practice of linking out to authoritative websites. John Mueller explained the background of this SEO tactic and offered Google’s point of view about it, saying that […]

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Steven Santarpia AI & Digital Marketing
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The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

Steven Santarpia Consulting Digital marketing is the next breakthrough technique that is used by businesses around the world to expand their influence within their target audience. There was a time when conventional promotion techniques were used to promote products and services. But the rapid technological advancement has brought digital marketing into the domain of brand […]

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Steven Sanarpia Consulting Digital Marketing 2021
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The Importance of Digital Marketing in 2021

Steven Santarpia Consulting Steven Santarpia Consulting has become one of the leading digital marketing companies offering digital marketing services to an array of businesses.There was a time when businesses had limited access to their target audience. Only those businesses used to acquire maximum outreach to their audience who were willing to spend hefty amounts in […]

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Steven Santarpia Consulting – SEO Strategies

Steven Santarpia Consulting SEO Optimization  Steven Santarpia, a digital marketing professional, discusses SEO strategies to help your business excel.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly among some of the great weapons which can help you expand your business. You need to do your homework before starting your venture as an aspiring entrepreneur. Your main goal […]

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10% off SEO Services

Steven Santarpia Consulting Steven Santarpia Consulting is offering an October discount. Are people finding your business online? We can help. We are offering 10% off on our SEO services. To learn more about our digital marketing services, please visit our website. Visit the link to learn about the promotion.   

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Steven Santarpia Consulting Launches New Website

Steven Santarpia Consulting is proud to announce the launch of our new website. We felt it was time to make some updates to the site due to the many challenges of Covid, so in the beginning of August 2020, we started to rebuild it. The Steven Santarpia website is more detailed regarding our services. We […]

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