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Steven Santarpia Consulting Launches New Website

steven santarpia consulting new websiteSteven Santarpia Consulting is proud to announce the launch of our new website.

We felt it was time to make some updates to the site due to the many challenges of Covid, so in the beginning of August 2020, we started to rebuild it. The Steven Santarpia website is more detailed regarding our services. We understand the value of having a functional and user friendly site for our business during the pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, digital marketing is more important than ever. Having an online footprint is needed so companies and people can find your business online. Presently, there is less face to face meetings happening because of Covid. Also, most conferences this year have been cancelled due to the pandemic. Business conferences have always been a great way to advertise your product and network with people. Going from conference to conference to try to market your product is now not an option and it is effecting revenue.

If you are not receiving any inquiries about your business, by phone or by email, then you are losing out on potential business due to the fact you do not have an aggressive SEO and digital marketing strategy. The first step to gaining more exposure is creating an eye-catching and informative website that has SEO.

Steven Santarpia Consulting can help you with form a winning plan. It is a strategy that takes hard work and dedication to get it just right. There are no short cuts to this winning formula. Give us a call or email us to set up a free consultation.

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Steven Santarpia

Steven Santarpia is my name. I am president of Steven Santarpia Consulting. Steven Santarpia Consulting is a digital marketing firm located on Long Island, New York. The agency helps businesses find new clients with the use of online marketing. Our business is located in Greenlawn, New York and has been in business since 2016. We offer our digital marketing services to small to mid-sized businesses. We take great pride in our work product and our excellent customer service.

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