Happy National Dessert Day from Steven Santarpia Consulting

Boy oh boy what a great day today is. Because it’s a holiday, you now have an excuse to eat your favorite pie, cookies, pastry etc… without feeling guilty. It’s a holiday!  So now hit the cupboard and hide the scale. Steven Santarpia Consulting wishes everyone a  Happy National Dessert Day!

I’ll be baking over the weekend. Excited to try a Lemon Drop Cookies recipe. It’s been awhile since i’ve had them. Cheers!


Steven Santarpia

Steven Santarpia is my name. I am president of Steven Santarpia Consulting. Steven Santarpia Consulting is a digital marketing firm located on Long Island, New York. The agency helps businesses find new clients with the use of online marketing. Our business is located in Greenlawn, New York and has been in business since 2016. We offer our digital marketing services to small to mid-sized businesses. We take great pride in our work product and our excellent customer service.

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