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Steven Santarpia Discusses Content Marketing

steven santarpia content marketingHere comes one of the most influential factors in spreading your brand awareness through digital marketing, effective content marketing. The efforts don’t end on merely curating an engaging content. There are certain handy techniques which you can adopt to make your content reach maximum number of customers and prospects.  Steven Santarpia Consulting is the leading digital marketing agency assisting businesses in running their effective content marketing campaigns efficiently.

Let’s dig deep into some key ways to make content marketing perform well for your business.

Define Your Target Audience First

Before you proceed with even creating the content, you must first define your target audience in accordance with your business goals. You cannot waste your efforts on a generalized content. Every geographic location and market has different audience. Plan and create the content that meets the requirements and interests of your customers. A content fully customized to the needs of your target audience will bring you optimal results.

Your Content Must be Engaging

Don’t expect a rise in customer engagement if your content lacks the ability to intrigue customers. The tone of your content must be professional and well-suited to your business model. Customers and prospects would get the first impression of your business through content. Take proper time to create highly engaging content.

Develop a Complete Content Calendar

If you are running social media pages or have blogs on your website, then you surely need a content calendar to keep a track of the content. What has been posted? What will be posted in the future? What special announcements need to be made on specific dates? All such aspects can be handled conveniently through content calendar.

Target SEO Keywords

SEO is the factor that decides how your content will reach your target audience. Distribute SEO keywords throughout the content to make the entire content SEO-friendly. Doing so would make the content to perform better on SEO rankings.

Search keywords that are well-suited to your target audience. Your customers make their search through specific keyword queries. If you figure out the right keywords, then your business website could experience a boost in organic traffic.

Keep Evolving your Content

Not every piece of content that you write will capture the attention of your audience, especially if you write blogs. Keep a track of your content performance and make necessary improvements to ensure good results. There is always room for improvement. You just have to sense the right opportunity to do so.

Try out different experiments with your content. Audience always appreciates fresh and new content with a better tone.

Always Add CTA to the Content

You should not merely introduce your products and services to the audience and leave the rest to the fate. Make your customers go for the purchases by adding attractive Call to Actions in the content. CTA leaves a good impression on the customers. A user impressed with the nature of your content would be willing to make the next move. CTA can brighten up the chances of increasing the conversion rate.

Conduct Proper Research  

Your content should not sound like a piece of information with no sound basis. Whether it is a blog on any topic or information about your services, conduct a proper research to keep the content factual and relevant to actual information. A well-researched content will develop your business credibility among the audience.

Leverage Social Media Platforms to Maximize Customer Engagement

Apart from SEO, you should share and publish your content on social media platforms to maximize your outreach to your customers. You can drop a link to your website within the content. Keep uploading the content on a regular basis. Keeping a long gap between content uploads can lead to a reduction in customer engagement. More the channels to upload the content more would be the chances to boost conversion rate.

Steven Santarpia Consulting

Steven Santarpia and his team offers services to new and emerging businesses in optimizing their content marketing. Leverage our expertise to make your content a source of boosting your conversion rate. Effective content marketing is critical to growing your business.


Steven Santarpia

Steven Santarpia is my name. I am president of Steven Santarpia Consulting. Steven Santarpia Consulting is a digital marketing firm located on Long Island, New York. The agency helps businesses find new clients with the use of online marketing. Our business is located in Greenlawn, New York and has been in business since 2016. We offer our digital marketing services to small to mid-sized businesses. We take great pride in our work product and our excellent customer service.

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